Our Company

Inspired by travels through the islands of Bali and Java, Indonesia, Hunt & Lane incorporates an ever-evolving collection of unique handmade Teak furniture, hand woven textiles, and authentic décor. Our stunning gallery offers a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern exotic. Repurposing salvaged relics to create the majority of our pieces, while applying the ethics of sustainability, we have mastered the art of bringing new life into our enchanting showroom.

Every piece is crafted entirely by hand, producing a purely one of a kind product. The natural beauty of our collection is derived from the primitive techniques used in creating it; which may leave behind graceful imperfections and appealing characteristics. When we see an old worn-out nail hole, or a layer of paint lingering from decades ago, we see this as an opportunity to share the history of that piece of wood, and we use these sophisticated features to tell a story.

Our Founder – Taber Hunt Bartoshesky

Originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Taber’s vision for the company emerged from his first trip to Indonesia in 2011, following his graduation from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Initially lured to the islands of Indonesia by the wave rich coastline, Taber was quick to learn that this glorious place had much more to offer. The countries complexity of cultures yields an abundance of fascinating riches unlike any other place in the world. The things the Indigenous people can create with their hands seem to be the most provoking. Whether it may be the architecture, furniture, artwork, or fabrics; the amount of commitment behind each single piece is mind blowing.

Taber and his wife Nadia, who is from the West coast of Java, Indonesia, spend a few months each year venturing into the Jungles of Indonesia in search of quality pieces, reflective of the different cultures they encounter along the way. The couple works diligently, and passionately to curate a gallery full of artifacts, each with an eccentric history of their own. The collection continues to grow, and with every new journey they return home with a piece of the Indonesian Islands. In 2015 they brought home one of their favorites yet, their baby girl Sophia; who was born in the same Javanese village as her mother.

We invite you to visit our showroom so that you too can experience the finer parts of Indonesian culture. If you cannot find something within our available collection that suites your tastes, we are determined to find, or customize something that will allow you to shape your own space into paradise.
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